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Updated: Mar 27, 2019

If you are anything like us you are scrolling through Pinterest every night pinning recipes we hope to cook, fitness routines we plan to start, and outfits that we want to track down and buy. We just LOVE it. When you are planning a wedding, event, or party, Pinterest is the go to place to start planning and getting inspiration. You can start gathering pictures that identify your look or theme. You can show them to your vendors so they can see your vision. That is what inspired this blog post.

We have taken the time to pick out some beautiful tablescapes from Pinterest and we are going to recreate them. Actually, we are going to do even more than that. We are going to recreate them 2 ways. The first will be the more affordable or budget-friendly option. (We all like that!) With the second option, we will pull out all the stops. This is the version that makes you forget your budget because you HAVE TO HAVE IT, just like that! But the great part about this post is, we are just showing you both sides of the spectrum. You can always mix and match your favorite items from each look to find one that fits your own budget/style!

Working with a budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style! As you can see here this moody tablescape has loads of personality! Some areas where we were able to save a little money is by using a very basic chair, but it still fit perfectly into our moody look. We also used our Standard Poly linen for the tablecloth and napkin. The Standard Poly is our most affordable option and it is available in 72 beautiful colors. We chose to make the tablecloth knee-length as opposed to floor-length. The smaller the tablecloth, the smaller the price tag. Our last budget saving trick was to use only the necessary pieces to the place setting. No chargers and no extra glassware can save you a few dollars.

When money is no option you have a lot more options for achieving your desired look. This version of the table has more layers and textures. First of all, we used a Black Chiavari chair which comes at a greater cost but really looks amazing. We used specialty linens with both the tablecloth and the napkin. The tablecloth is a floor-length velvet linen in the color Cashmere. It looks as beautiful as it’s name suggests. The napkin is a White Majestic. This is one is our favorite linen options. With one side being shiny and the other slightly textured, it adds just the right pop of luxury. Lastly, you will see a lot more detail in the place setting. More glassware and a charger gives the table a full and complete look. It is more luxurious that than our budget friendly option, but honestly, we love them both.

To recreate this look we have included some other accents in attempt to mimic the original photo that inspired us. We recently were involved in a Bridal Expo where we used stunning arrangements designed by River City Florist of Jefferson City, MO. To maximize the use of these beautiful flowers Jessica created some smaller floral arrangements pictured here, using the flowers out of those arrangements. We are always looking for a way to reuse any item and include it in a mini shoot! We also used black pillar candles inside our cylinder vases to help achieve that moody look.

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