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Timeless- “not affected by the passage of time or changes in fashion”

Classic- “of simple, elegant style not greatly subject to changes in fashion”

We thought these 2 words really defined the look we created in this week's blog post. For this edition of “2 Budgets, 1 Look” we have taken a classic tablescape with an elegant color palate and found a way to recreate it for 2 different budgets. This look is very different from our past editions of “2 Budgets, 1 Look” which is funny, because it is so neutral and timeless. We used shades of ivory, black, and gold that would look great for any formal event and most certainly for a wedding. We are so pleased with how this design turned out.

For our affordable table we scaled it down without removing the overall look that we were inspired by. For starters, we used an ivory polyester tablecloth that goes about knee length on table. Going shorter on your tablecloth helps on your budget but doesn’t ruin your overall look. Then put one black polyester runner down the middle of the table. Using the one runner gives the table the splash of black needed for that elegant, “Black Tie” feel.

For our place setting, we chose our duchess plate. To keep our cost down, we opted out of using a charger. We folded an ivory polyester napkin to place on the plate with the menu. The gold capri flatware really completes the elegant look of the place setting. Centerpieces are an important part of the overall look of your table design. When you are working with a budget it is important to pick a piece that makes a big impact. We used our gold candelabra which made a big impact, placed between two classic white floral arrangements. Last but not least, we wanted to choose a chair that looked nice without breaking the bank. We didn’t want to go completely low budget and use a black folding chair, so we went middle of the line with our padded wooden chair.

Our luxury table has all the same elements as the affordable table but more layers and more details! For starters we chose an ivory polyester tablecloth that is floor length. If budget is no issue, this change definitely adds a touch of elegance. For this table we used 3 black matte satin runners. But instead of having it run lengthwise down the table like normal, we used the runners crosswise. Creating a fun place marker for each of the guests as well as adding a design element that we really love. This place setting has more pieces than our budget table. Those extra layers really give the table a luxurious look. We added a gold rimmed glass chargers and a platinum salad plate paired with the duchess dinner plate. The touch of silver breaks up all the gold on that table. For a napkin we used the ivory extreme crush napkin. The silky, crinkly feel to this napkin adds some extra texture to the design. And for the centerpieces, we added an additional candelabra and more florals. Because more is better, right?! This table design has a luxury chair option, the gold chiavari. The chair really ties the whole thing together.

We think if you walked into an event with either of these designs you would be impressed. It is fun to play with a budget and see how you can create a beautiful design. Sometimes we even surprise ourselves.

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