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Today's inspiration comes from Pinterest. This picture that pops up on our feed almost daily so everyone else must love it as much as we do. It is a perfect candidate for our “2 Budgets 1 Look” series.

Our padded wooden chairs are a comfortable, classic, and affordable chair option. The honey-colored wood really compliments our navy standard poly linen. With just two items, we are off to a great start to any traditional looking table. For this look we used an amethyst poly napkin. This color really pops against the deep color of the navy. The place setting is simple with an almost vintage/boho feel to it. To really give it that feel we used our Jupiter glass that is a total crowd pleaser. Plus, there is something about our gold flatware that has an old-fashioned vibe to it that we just adore.

For our table that has a larger budget the first thing we upgraded were the chairs. The slightly distressed Clover Fruitwood chairs are one of our favorite chairs. Next, we upped the game with specialty linens and napkins. The floor length navy majestic is our most affordable luxury linen, but it adds a big punch. This linen is reversible and so dynamic. One side is shiny, and the other side is matte with a slight texture. Just by flipping the linen to one side or the other can complete change the look, making it one of the more popular choices. The napkin is a lilac matte satin, sticking to that lovely pairing of blue and purple. To round off the look, we added glassware and our rose gold wire chargers. With just a touch of patina, it continues that vintage feel. We love the look of multiple glasses per guest at a table setting.

To recreate this look we have included some other accents in attempt to mimic the original photo that inspired us. We recently were involved in a Bridal Expo where we used stunning arrangements designed by River City Florist of Jefferson City, MO. To maximize the use of these beautiful flowers, Jessica created some smaller floral arrangements pictured here, using the flowers out of those arrangements. We are always looking for a way to reuse an item and include it in a mini shoot! We also used burgundy taper candles with our silver candle sticks to achieve our desired look.

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