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Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Brown isn't a very popular color choice in anything. But when done correctly, brown is a great warm neutral that fits into many color palettes. Some say it provokes the feeling of stability, honesty, wisdom and wholesomeness. And that's what we wanted to showcase here. Paired with black, brown can be an elegant option in either a linen or a wooden table.

A question we often get asked is, "Is the farm table worth the price?" In our opinion, yes. Always. While the price difference between a standard 8ft banquet table and our farm table by themselves is significant, the look and feel of a wood table is hard to beat. In a previous post, we have shown just how similar in price a farm and banquet table can be though when you incorporate a specialty linen. That being said when budget is a concern, you can create a table just as beautiful with a standard linen and banquet table. That's what we did here.

Our dark walnut farm tables are very versatile. With the right centerpieces and accents, they can fit any theme, from rustic to industrial to boho to traditional. We loved the dark and moody tones found in our inspiration pic. The candles and accents of gold gave it a very warm and inviting vibe that we wanted to try and recreate. It's difficult to get the same look in front of a white backdrop as you do in a venue but the idea is still the same.

We wanted to mimic the warm brown of the farm tables but with a linen so we used standard polyester in brown. To keep it more budget-friendly, we opted to use a knee length tablecloth which is only $8 per tablecloth. We have many different shades and materials offered in brown so there is one to fit any style if the farm table isn't what you want. Below is the cost breakdown between the farm table and the brown linen looks:

Which look is your favorite?

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