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Updated: Feb 11, 2020

We're back with one of our favorite series again... 2 Budgets, 1 Look. Where we find a picture on Pinterest for inspiration and then recreate the look 2 ways using our inventory. One look features more affordable options and the other, luxury. We break the price down for you per item and then total per table so you know exactly what it will cost you to recreate the look.

We fell in love with this copper and teal setup we found on Pinterest. It's a perfect combination of bold and moody. And while the original picture is set outdoors and in the fall, we think this color scheme can be applicable any time of year just by changing the accents and textures.

For the sake of this post, we used 6ft tables but you can also swap them out for serpentines like the original picture to create a long curvy table. Unique table layouts is one of the wedding trends for 2020 we are most excited about!

For our affordable option, don't think cheap! Working with a budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style! As you can see here this tablescape still has loads of personality!

The easiest ways to cut costs is with your linens and chairs. There is a big price difference between specialty fabrics and standard polyester. For this table, we used a knee-length, standard polyester tablecloth in jade and napkins in terra cotta.

And for the chairs, we used our padded wooden. This chair is a great option for outdoor events or when you're looking for something a little more special that a plastic folding but still have a budget.

By using a dinner plate and no charger or salad plate, we were able to cut costs again without taking away any practicality. Since all of our glassware is $0.75 each, we opted for the Jupiter glass because of it's fun texture.

We loved the unique napkin placement from our inspiration picture so we decided to incorporate that again. It was a simple tri-fold just placed at an angle across the side of the plate. Eucalyptus was tucked under the napkin at each setting and our terra cotta saucer was placed on top. We added a flower arrangement, table number, votives, and a plaid "blanket" to one of the chairs to complete the look and give it the same cozy vibe.

For the luxury tablescape, we paired our ocean velvet and copper crush linens to add depth and texture. Velvet alone gives a very luxurious vibe but the crush napkin really steals the show. The iridescent quality of it and copper color helped tie in the terra cotta place cards and flatware. And while both the velvet and crush linens are on the more expensive side, the impact they make is worth every penny.

The padded wooden chair was swapped out with the clover chair which has a distressed, natural wood finish. It's one of our favorites because it can be so versatile. A plastic black charger, salad plate and wine glass were added to each setting and the plain silverware was switched for copper. Something as simple as adding more glasses, adds interest to the table while keeping it practical. In the end, these small additions did not make a huge difference in the overall price but added so much to the table as a whole.

We love how these tablescapes turned out. It just goes to show that whether you have a small budget or a large one, you can still have a beautiful table.