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Updated: Jan 13, 2020

It doesn’t get more classic than black! We love the tailored elegant feel that comes along with it. Like many of our rentals there are multiples ways to achieve the look you want while working with different budgets. We're excited to show you how we achieved these dark and glam looks.

Let’s start with our gunmetal Elio chair. It isn’t our most expensive chair, but it isn’t our cheapest either. It does stretch the affordable budget a touch, but we feel it really helps achieve the design we are going for. Chairs need to do more than look good, they must also be comfortable, and we think that this chair might be our most comfortable. Believe it or not!

Our tablecloth and napkin are standard poly. This is our most affordable option. To save a few dollars we made the linen knee length. Even though the standard poly is our most affordable option you aren't limited to just a handful of colors. We chose the most basic color but it looks flawless with the Ruby napkins. We have the table set for a simple lunch or brunch with some basic place settings. Our Regina style plate with soup bowl achieve that simple yet functional look.

For our luxury table we kept the same gunmetal Elio chair. This just goes to show that one chair can look good and work within 2 different budgets. We went full on luxury with the tablecloth and napkin for this budget. This floor length black Glimmer linen adds that punch of glamour. This linen has sequins on every inch and is available in 14 different colors. The napkin is a lovely eggplant matte satin. This color really accentuates the varied red and purples found in the floral. The matte satin is one of our favorite napkin options because it comes in 57 color options and it's super soft but still very functional as a napkin. We were able to really add some style to this tables by adding a charger and our marble accent plate. Nothing screams luxury like marble, and we love incorporating it into our designs. We also chose to add another style of wine glass to the table to complete the look.

To recreate this look we have included some other accents in attempt to mimic the original photo that inspired us. We recently were involved in a Bridal Expo where we used stunning arrangements designed by River City Florist of Jefferson City, MO. To maximize the use of these beautiful flowers, Jessica created some smaller floral arrangements pictured here, using the flowers out of those arrangements. We are always looking for a way to reuse an item and include it in a mini shoot! We also used burgundy taper candles with our silver candle sticks to achieve our desired look.

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