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We are back again with one of our favorite series, where we find an image for inspiration on Pinterest and then recreate it 2 ways using our inventory. One look uses luxury items, the other uses affordable. We love this because it shows that a desired look can be achieved on any budget.

Pinterest can be both a blessing and curse at times. Overall, it's a great source to find inspiration for your wedding or event design. We love it and use it all day long. So we like to encourage customers to use it because it's super helpful when relaying your vision to your vendors. Words can sometimes be misleading but pictures leave less for interpretation. What can also be misleading is what a picture actually costs. As in, you may fall in love with a beautiful tablescape with large floral centerpieces, lots of dish and glassware, specialty linens and chairs that was a part of a styled shoot where vendors brought their "best of the best" products and arranged one show stopping table without having to meet a budget. It's beautiful but often unrealistic to the average customer. This post helps show that you can create the same vibe but within your own budget just by choosing different items.

For this look, we loved the subtle pops of copper and blue mixed with all of the white and gray. The color palette gives it a more masculine feel despite the delicate design of the flatware and floral. It's romantic and neutral and reminds us of the mountains and autumn. We loved it so much in fact, we added this look to our showroom.

First up is the affordable option. When we think "affordable", we think about the essentials. Although we love adding chargers and lots of glassware to a tablescape, they are more for aesthetics than necessity. That's why we picked the very cute but versatile Jupiter glass. It can be used water, tea, cocktails, or even wine. And the texture of it helps add interest to the table without adding cost. And since all of our glassware rents for $0.75 each, it wasn't any extra.

For the linens we went with standard polyester in dove gray for tablecloth and navy for the napkins. We decided the copper flatware was an important aspect to create the overall look we wanted. Even though it's a little bit more expensive than the silver (only $0.15 more each) aesthetically, it made all the difference.

To tie in the centerpiece and the pops of blue, we tucked sprigs of blueberries under the napkin at each setting. It gave it the organic feel we were looking for. And then for the chairs we used our padded wooden folding chairs. They are some of our most popular chairs because they have a lower price point but are very comfortable and versatile.

For the luxury option, we kept the place settings the same but we swapped out the polyester for specialty linens and added more glassware and a charger. For the linens we opted for silver velvet for the tablecloth and royal crush for the napkins. We love the iridescent quality of the crush and both linens added depth and texture to the table. While the velvet and crush linens are on the more expensive side, the impact they make is worth every penny.

Another big price difference is the chairs. We swapped the folding chairs for our clover fruitwood chairs. The taller round backs of the clover chairs and their raw wood finish add interest and a touch of romance.

When it comes to using specialty linens and chairs, it's not an all or nothing thing. We often get asked if there is a minimum required to rent and there is not. You can rent 20 or 200 chairs if they are available.

We know how quickly the price raises with just these 2 items and sometimes there's not in the budget for them. So consider adding the more luxurious items just to your head table or family tables and then using more affordable options for your guests. That way you get the best of both worlds.

We love how these tablescapes turned out. It just goes to show that whether you have a small budget or a large one, you can still have a beautiful table.

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