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Updated: Aug 12, 2020

We are seeing an ongoing trend using neutrals and understated palates this year. We have been inspired by this trend and thought we would do another segment of “2 Budgets, 1 Look”! Again, we went to Pinterest to find a specific look to recreate.

For our first budget we didn’t have to sacrifice a lot to create a really beautiful table. First of all, we used our padded wooden chairs. This is a great chair that is easy to transport and comfortable. Also known in some wedding circles as a “garden chair” because it looks great at outdoor events.

For our tablecloth and napkin, we used our standard poly linen. This is our most affordable option, and therefore most popular linen. It is available in 72 beautiful colors, including this napkin in goldenrod. We chose to make the tablecloth knee length as opposed to floor length. This is a popular choice for outdoor events. It looks slightly more casual, but the linens won’t drag on the ground and look dirty throughout your event. Our place setting has only the necessary pieces. It looks a little more sparse than our next example, but we think it looks clean and beautiful!

For our next table we still went with a wooden chair. Our Clover Fruitwood chair is a beautiful chair that can look lovely anywhere. From your backyard wedding to a luxurious ballroom. For our tablecloth and napkin options, we used some of our popular luxury linens. The tablecloth is our white doncaster in a floor length option. The white on white pattern is beautiful and timeless. Then we used a matte satin curry napkin (a favorite here at A-1). We think it is a beautiful neutral. We added a charger to the place setting which really dressed up the table. This set-up has 2 wine glasses instead of 1. Giving the guests the chance to try multiple beverages and it gives your table just a little extra something.

To recreate this look we have included some other accents in attempt to mimic the original photo that inspired us. We recently were involved in a Bridal Expo where we used stunning arrangements designed by River City Florist of Jefferson City, MO. To maximize the use of these beautiful flowers, Jessica created some smaller floral arrangements pictured here, using the flowers out of those arrangements. We are always looking for a way to reuse an item and include it in a mini shoot! We also used burgundy taper candles with our silver candle sticks to achieve our desired look.

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