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We're back with the second post of our new series where we feature 1 linen, styled 4 different ways depending on the season. Tradition is being overlooked and people are choosing color and decor based off of what they like rather than what makes sense. Often times, the season your event takes place in influences your color palette. For example, we see lots of light, pastel colors in the spring and dark, earthy colors in the fall. And in the world of tablecloths, we see that the seasons also influence fabric choice. Woven fabrics like belize and rattan are popular in the summer while heavy fabrics like velvet and matte satin are used in the winter. This post is not meant to limit your choices based on the season... in fact, it's actually meant to help broaden your options. We look forward to showing you designs on how one linen can be styled to work for different times of the year.

This post is featuring a linen in teal majestic! We are going to show you it is perfect for any season with the right added elements. Majestic is a popular linen for two big reasons: price and versatility. It's our most affordable specialty linen and it's reversible! One side is shiny while the other is matte and textured. The fabric itself makes a great option for all seasons so this post is more about showing how to use teal year-round. Teal reminds of us of blue skies and ocean waves. It's rich and vibrant and often used more as an accent than the main color. Keep following for more about how we designed each tablescape.


For spring, we wanted to lighten and soften the overall look. In order to not compete with the bold teal linen, we incorporated white and clear elements to the tablescape, keeping the look very clean and light. For the centerpiece, we lined bud vases filled with white flowers down the center of the table. We didn't want to add any more color to this design so we used a teal matte satin napkin to each place setting.


For summer, we went with a bolder design using bright colors and contrast. The star of this table though, is the citron matte satin napkin. This bright, yellow-green color is a favorite of ours because it's unusual. To add a little depth, we used black chiavari chairs and chargers.


For fall, we added different shades of orange to the table. This included copper flatware, rose gold chargers, tangerine napkins, beige & terra cotta menus, and burnt orange foliage. Not only did this make it a complementary color scheme but helped add some much needed warmth to the design.


For winter, we wanted to recreate that luxe evergreen feel. To do this we paired green bottle brush trees for the centerpiece and hunter velvet napkins with the teal tablecloth. Accents of gold rounded out the design and gave it the more elegant feel we were looking for.

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