• The Ladies of A-1


Updated: Sep 6, 2019

This blog post isn’t about humility. We are super proud of our 2 showrooms. They are exceptional for our industry. Actually, let’s go a step further... they are unheard-of in our industry. Because of that, we think you need to see our showroom and know a few things about it. We hope you enjoy this “tour”!


Both of our showrooms are huge. We are able to display nearly every item we offer and show off a variety of table vignettes in our space. We are blessed because BOTH of our showrooms offer tons of windows and natural light which, as we all know, makes everything more pleasing including our rentals.

It is very typical in our industry that a party rental store and tool & equipment rental store share the same space. As you can imagine, having construction workers and brides meeting in the same space isn’t ideal. Not to mention seeing beautiful event rentals mixed in the same space as the tool rentals can really distract from the quality of the product. So we are really happy that although we do have 2 sister tool & equipment rental stores, we don’t have to share space with them.

Also, both showrooms now feature the A-1 Design Studio. A space designed for an immersive, hands on, decor planning experience. For more info about this space and service check out this past blog post.


We strive to keep our table displays fresh, in-season, and on-trend. This means we are constantly thinking or new ways to dress up the tables, all while displaying as much rental product as possible.

We do have other items on the tables that we don’t necessarily rent. Why is that? Because we want our tables to look complete and give a nice finished look. So that means often times we add things like table numbers, menus, place cards, and floral arrangements to our tables. Sometimes we make these things in-house using our own creativity and some times, we reach out to other wedding professionals. When we are able to use other wedding professional’s product it gives us an opportunity to promote them!


We have tasteful product displays throughout both of our showrooms. We are able to display things like glass and dishware so you are able to see and compare all the options side by side.

We are also able to boast about our large photography portfolio collection. We cherish our relationships with other vendors and photographers because they help capture our products in a vast array of settings. Browse multiple books featuring our work along with other amazing wedding professionals!

Another popular book in the store is our linen book. The options for linens are nearly endless. The book allows you to see these options in person and narrow down the exact linen you are looking for.

Last but not least, we have an ongoing slideshow of products that we are unable to keep on hand and in-sight in the showroom. This just might spark your memory for one more thing you need to rent for your event, like a tierd tray for your cupcakes.

Overall, we think we have 2 spaces that are perfectly designed for you to come and plan your event, all while feeling inspired. We hope to see you in person soon so we can help you with your next event!