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We are taking a lot of time to contemplate the last year and all the things we were privileged to have been a part of. One of these things is Sunday Suppers with Peachtree Catering. We really value our friendship with our neighbors at Peachtree. Not only do they make great food, but they are just really great people. This past year they started a nearly-monthly event called Sunday Suppers and since we contributed a good chunk of the décor for these events, we wanted to tell you more about it!

Last year they hosted 12 events, served upwards of 550 guests, and had approximately 96 courses. How cool is that!? It is so popular that one of the dinners sold out in 6 minutes after the announcement.

Why do they do this unique event? For several reasons. The 2 chefs behind the dinners, Benjamin Hamrah (Peachtree Catering) and Amanda Elliot (Rustic Supper), both grew up around a big table, full of family on a Sunday evening. They wanted to bring that same vibe to the community while getting to do what they are passionate about. Amanda was wanting to get out of the habitual, mundane routine of catering and have a good excuse to make all the food that she was excited about. Ben wanted to educate people about local food, and push his audience’s palate and comfort zone. They have achieved these goals and more with each Sunday Supper. Each menu is a surprise to the guests. The only exception to this rule is if you have a dietary restriction or a food allergy. This has resulted in a wide variety of dishes and themes. With one of the craziest things ingested by their guests being….ants! But Sundays Suppers are about more than just food… it’s about the energy created in these unique spaces, about collaboration and building a community, and about creating an experience you will never forget.

The formula for the Sunday Suppers has become part of their business model. Now if you approach Peachtree Catering to cater your event, they don’t have a menu for you to look at. What?! No Menus?? All menus are completely customized to your event. This allows Peachtree to use more local/in season foods and build up great relationships in the Columbia food community. And the person who benefits the most from this is you. You are going to have a great, unique food experience at your event. This has worked so well for them that one wedding that they catered told them to surprise them. Did you hear that? Their entire menu was surprise. That may seem like a gamble, but if you have ever enjoyed one of Peachtree’s meals you would think otherwise.

So what is in store for the Sunday Suppers in 2019? Ben is dreaming of a Persian themed dinner with the guests surrounded around a low table while perched upon rugs and pillows. Amanda wants to go all out and do a Chinese New Year themed dinner. Keep a look out and don’t miss a chance to experience a Sunday Supper.


A special thank you to the photographers:

Drew Piester

Feast Native, Matt and Cassie

Ben Nickelson

Emily Sewell

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