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This week, we tried to mix it up a bit and create a tablescape that is all about contrast. Our mini shoots are always a little different. They are based on current trends, what inspires us, inventory we want to highlight and so on. With it finally feeling like spring, Liz wanted to showcase something fun, vibrant and a little funky. She found inspiration in black and white patterns and bright flowers. Mixing patterns has been very popular in home decor in recent years as well as fashion so we decided to give it a try!

Our linen inventory is rather expansive. If you've ever had a chance to look at our linen book, you know there are so many options that it can even be a bit overwhelming. Some linens that often get overlooked though, are the patterns. On this table we used a black cabana stripe tablecloth, black polka dot napkins and black check chair sashes. To break up all of the black and white, we layered a coral poly runner down the table. This little pop of color really helped tie in the copper flatware, rose gold charger and flowers.

Along with the charger and flatware, each place setting included our platinum dinner plate, white wine and hi-ball glasses. The napkin was tri-folded and then the top was tucked down so that the seams were hidden and there was a clean line.

Speaking of lines, there are so many of them in this tablescape. From the ladder-like back of the chiavari chairs to the intersecting check pattern on the sash to the parallel lines of the tablecloth and runner. The repetitive pattern created by the different black lines helped make this a cohesive look while the dishes and polka dot napkins broke up the lines, adding interest.

A simple menu card and rock place card finished off the settings. Because we stuck with a palate of black and white, we were able to use very vibrant flowers without having to worry about the colors clashing with the linens. The various shades of peach, coral, purple and yellow were the perfect addition to this pattern-filled tablescape. We love how it all came together! This table would be perfect for a bridal shower or spring dinner party!

P.S. Our patterned linens don't just come in black and white! They are available in many different color options! For example this table would have been just as great if we used our violet cabana stripe or maize check. So if you're looking at renting linens for your next event, don't forget to look at the pattern options in the back of our book.

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