• The Ladies of A-1


One question we frequently get asked is "how much more expensive would it be to get a farm table instead of a banquet?" And while the base cost of the tables are quite different, once you add linens, the total cost may end up being the same.

We love our farm tables because they are a statement all on their own. They are a folding-style wood table with a dark walnut finish. They measure 8 ft by 40 inches wide and stand 30 inches tall. These tables fit in with any theme from boho to industrial to rustic. Our farm tables rent for $80.25 each but do not require any linens besides possibly a runner or napkins.

In comparison, our standard banquet tables rents for $10.75. They measure 8 ft by 30 inches, have a plastic top and metal legs that fold underneath. While functional, they are not the most visually appealing. For most events we recommend using a tablecloth. We offer knee and floor length linens as well as Kwik covers. The options are endless when it comes to linens and prices will vary based on size and material.

For this post we wanted to show both styles of tables and just how similar in price they can be. We love how both versions of this look turned out and couldn't believe the difference in price was only $0.50!