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Updated: Jul 29, 2019

It seems the past few weeks the big rave in the entertainment world and social media has been over the final episodes one HBO’s biggest hit series, Game of Thrones. Whether the rave was over finding a misplaced Starbucks cup in one of the scenes or how the show created the longest battle in cinematic history; everyone was hearing or talking about it. With the final episode airing this past Sunday, fans were left loving every final minute of the show or feeling a bit dissatisfied due to the show having two years to prep for this final season and episode. No matter the case, we aren’t here to leak any spoilers for those who still might not have watched the final episode, but we have decided with this big hit to take on our own twist of a Game of Thrones tablescape.

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Table: 8ft Farm Table, A-1 Party & Event Rental

Chairs: Elizabeth, A-1 Party & Event Rental

Accent Cloths: Majestic Gold, Red Iridescent Crush, and Silver Iridescent Crush,

A-1 Party & Event Rental

Linen: 90x132, Royal Iridescent Crush, A-1 Party & Event Rental

Napkins: Hunter Majestic, A-1 Party & Event Rental

Chargers: Black Plastic, A-1 Party & Event Rental

Plates: Duchess Dinner and Marble Accent, A-1 Party & Event Rental

Flatware: Capri Gold, A-1 Party & Event Rental

Glassware: Beer Pint and Bourdeaux Wine, A-1 Party & Events Rental

Silver Goblets: Pretty Little Things Vintage Rental

Candlesticks: Assorted Sizes, A-1 Party & Event Rental

Candelabras: 25in 5LT and Floor Brass 5LT, A-1 Party & Event Rental

Glass Cylinders: Assorted Sizes, A-1 Party and Event Rental

Candles: Joann's Fabric and Craft

Cakes Stands: Tall and Short Rustic Wood, A-1 Party and Event Rental

Antlers and Wood Slices: Found on family farm

Feather, Mask and Crown: Party City

Eggs: Purchased from Party City and then decorated with thumbtacks and spray paint

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