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  • The Ladies of A-1


We recently welcomed our newest member to the A-1 family, Leanna! Our GM Darrick and his wife have been fostering this sweet girl since day one and they were finally able to adopt her earlier this month. Leanna is 7 months old and as sweet as can be with a contagious smile & giggle. We are all pretty crazy about her and are excited to finally introduce her!

To celebrate this special milestone, we threw a little surprise adoption party for Darrick and his family. Keeping it under wraps was a little difficult because Darrick knows everything going on but we managed to keep it a surprise til the very end. The theme of the party was

"it's o-fish-al" and we had so much fun setting it up!

We wanted to try something new for the backdrop so we hung table runners like drapes on our pipe & drape structure (all we needed were runners and saftey pins). The various shades of coral and teal runners provided the inspiration for the rest of the elements; from the balloons, tablescape, floral and fish! It's kinda crazy that with a little pipe & drape and some fun decor, you can hardly tell that we were in our warehouse!

Parties and events are part of our everyday lives here at A-1 but celebrations like this are extra special. We are just so happy that Leanna is "o-fish-ally" a member of the family!


Click the links below to shop this look:

Chairs: Padded White, A-1 Party & Event Rental

Drapes: 16ft White Glimmer, A-1 Party & Event Rental

Runners: Peach, Coral, Watermelon, Aqua, Jade and Teal Standard Polyester,

A-1 Party & Event Rental

Cocktail Linens: R132 Teal and Coral Sash Standard Polyester, A-1 Party & Event


Table Linens: Teal and Aqua Majestic, A-1 Party & Event Rental

Napkins: Coral Standard Polyester, A-1 Party & Event Rental

Dishes: Duchess Dinner Plate, A-1 Party & Event Rental

Glassware: Water Goblet, A-1 Party & Event Rental

Floral: Purchased at Walmart, arranged by A-1 Party & Event Rental

Paper Fish: created by A-1 Party & Event Rental

Chalkboard: Wood 2 Sided, A-1 Party & Event Rental

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