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For all of the sweet tooths out there, this item is for you. It's the treat that takes us back to childhood; the one we begged our parents for at every sporting event and carnival. It's the sticky, fluffy and delicious confection of spun sugar... it's cotton candy. And now you can make it yourself by renting this machine!

Our concessions aren't necessarily the cutest items in our inventory but they do make some of the tastiest treats. From frozen drink machines to a nacho cheese dispenser to popcorn poppers... we have it all. For this post we want to showcase the cotton candy machine. And when we think about cotton candy, we think pink. Jessica created this cute balloon installation for our backdrop in various shades of pink. We tucked in a little greenery for a little contrast and to tie in the flora on the table. A light pink Supernova linen was placed on a 6ft banquet table and then the machine on top of it. More balloons were added to the table as well as rock candy, a glass sign and cones of fluffy cotton candy. Just one of the many perks of working here is getting to "try-out" everything we have. We used Jupiter glasses to hold the cones and a cake stand to add height. We love this cute little set-up and we enjoyed eating it as well!

On top of the machine rental, we also have any supplies you may need in order to make the cotton candy. You can purchase floss, cones and bags from us to add to your machine rental or you can use your own! Call us for pricing and quantities.

P.S. making cotton candy can get pretty messy (see photo of Brett for reference). But it's fun and easy to do as long as you are prepared. We would recommend wearing an apron or something to protect your outfit if you are making it during your event. Or you can make it beforehand and put it in plastic bags. Just know that it is normal for it to be a little messy.

Wanting to know more about our cotton candy machine? Stop by or give us a call today, we'd be happy to help! Or check out our instructions if you need a little step-by-step help when making it.