• The Ladies of A-1


Updated: Jan 3, 2019

Dance floors are an exciting aspect of any event. They change up a typical floor plan and can act as a statement piece! Here at A-1, we have a variety of dance floors to choose from. We have dance floors that give vintage and classic feels, and dance floors that are perfect for outdoor use!

Take a look at some of our dance floors:

The Snap-Lock dance floor is a lovely black and white checkered dance floor. The standard 15x15 floor is perfect for groups up to 150. For groups up to 300, a 21x21 is the best option. An even bigger crowd? A 24x27 dance floor is perfect for groups up to 450.

Our Ebony Oak dance floor is a beautiful dark wood piece that is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use! This dance floor can be built up to 21x21.

The Versa Interior dance floor has a hyper-plaid design that gives a pulsing effect with moving colors. This holographic-like floor is for interior use only and is sure to add an element of glam to your event. This floor comes in a 16x16 size.

The Wood Interior dance floor is a classic and elegant wooden floor that can fit a wide variety of themes for your event. The 15x15 floor is only available for indoor use.

The White Washed Pine dance floor has a washed wooden look. The 15x15 floor can be used both indoors and outdoors and is a stunning piece to be included in any event. 

For questions or to book your dance floor, give us a call or stop by our showroom!