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Updated: Aug 14, 2019

It's officially that time of year here in Missouri where its 90+ degrees everyday and just miserable. One way we try to make the heat a little more bearable is by making slushies in our frozen drink machine. We offer a variety of syrup/mixes for purchase (cherry, pina colada, blue raspberry and more) where all you have to do is add water and/or alcohol to create the slush base. But you do not have to get your mix from us, you can purchase or make your own too. It's a fun and unique way to keep your guests cool at your event.

Our frozen drink machine features 2- 3 gallon hoppers. With our syrup for example, it's one part syrup to 5 parts water. So if you were using our margarita mix, you would add 1/2 gallon of syrup to 2.5 gallons of water. Alcohol can make up no more than 25% of the mix though or it will not freeze. We recommend adding the alcohol separately to each cup when serving to ensure proper freezing.

The initial freeze time is 1.5 hours in ideal conditions AKA indoors or out direct sunlight. If you plan on using it outside on a hot day, keep it in the shade if possible or the mix will NOT freeze.

Below are a few recipes we have found to make in our machine!

** these recipes are just suggestions, ingredients may need to be tweaked due to water/sugar ratio

Call us or stop by today to rent this machine for your next event!