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As we enter into our busy season, we also enter inflatable season. With warmer temps and sunny days in the forecast, it's the perfect time to rent an inflatable. We have 30 different inflatables in our inventory; from bounce houses, to obstacle courses to interactive games.

"So how do I rent one" you ask? It's super simple. We have pictures and prices of our entire inventory on our website (and on this post) so you can see and read about all of your options. We are always able to help over the phone, by email or in-person but it makes the process much easier if you have an idea of what you want first. From there we just need to know the date so we can check availability.

All of our inflatables have a 3-day rate so you can get as much use out of it as possible. It's actually the same price as our 1-day rate used to be but we just extended it seeing as most of our rentals are for the weekend. The price of the inflatable includes everything you would need to set it up on your own: the inflatable, stakes, and blower(s). These inflatables can weigh hundreds of pounds each so we recommend having a few people help you set it up. You can always add delivery and setup to your contract for an additional fee if picking it up is not an option for you.

All inflatables are available at both locations but we ask for at least a day's notice so we can get it ready at whichever store you choose to pick it up at. Still wanting to know more? Check out the FAQ sheet on pg. 102 of our toolkit or reach out. We'd be happy to help answer any questions.