• The Ladies of A-1


Here are A-1 we are really proud of the large variety of linens that we carry. We have virtually every color you could imagine in dozens of fabrics. As you can imagine, with that many options there is a wide range of prices. We understand the struggle of desiring a luxury look but still having to work with a budget. Today’s blog feature helps you have the best of both worlds!

Our Majestic linen looks and feels expensive but comes with a budget price tag! The pricing on this linen is second only to our basic poly linen when it come to affordability. That, plus the fact that is comes in 40 different colors, makes it perfect for nearly every event.

This linen’s outstanding quality is that is reversible! One side is silky and shiny. The other has a touch of texture and is more matte. Both sides are beautiful.

Another fun way to use this fabric is in a napkin. This adds a touch of color and texture to your event.

Overall, we love this linen based on its quality and because it is affordable. We have recommended this linen to many of our customers and we recommend it to you!

Curious about pricing? Give us a call and we'd be happy to get a quote for you!