• The Ladies of A-1


Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Our tiered trays and other serving platters are often overlooked in our showroom. They are hard to display. With some of them being rather large or others getting overshadowed by the more interesting tablescapes scattered around our space. The serving tray is the underdog. That doesn't mean it has to be boring or utilitarian, it can't be a fun and stylish addition to your next event!

We have a large variety of styles and sizes to suit your serving needs. Whether you need something for cupcakes, charcuterie, or cucumber sandwiches, we got you covered.

The 6ft Tiered Tray is (as the name suggests) 6 feet tall with 4 tiers. This means it is capable of holding hundreds of appetizers or desserts, all while looking quite stylish.

Our current favorite it is the 14"x10" and 18"x10" Wood Trays. These are new to our inventory and would be great featuring meats, cheeses, and fruits down the center of a table. Did someone say "centerpiece and serving tray"? They are made of melamine, so they look great and they are also easy to clean.

Are you having a tea party and would like a little tiered tray for each table? In our inventory we have 18 of the Small Mixed Metal tiered trays. They would be so quaint, with one at the center of each table.

We hope these ideas inspire you. Do you have any fun or unique ways you would use the serving trays? Please share them with us!