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Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Kid's table are always a fun addition to any event. Not only can they be super cute, but they make the kids feel special and help keep them entertained. For this table, we went with a bright, activity-filled design complete with crayons, clipboards and cootie catchers. (Remember those?!)

On the table we used a pink standard poly tablecloth with a black and white check runner down the center. For the place settings we used our duchess salad plates, capri gold flatware and hi-ball glasses. Napkins in pacifica standard poly were gathered and tied with candy necklaces. The dark teal of the napkins was a nice contrast to the light pink tablecloth and it helped tie in some of the other table elements. Next to every plate was a clipboard filled with activity sheets like a word search, hidden picture, I spy and more. You can download all of our activity sheets at the bottom of this post.

We put together bundles of crayons with checkered washi tape on each clipboard. Gathering crayons that fit the overall color scheme and colors listed on the cootie catcher. The cootie catcher is how we incorporated the menu. Kid's get to play to pick their dinner! How fun is that?!

For the centerpieces, we filled glass cylinder vases with crayons, a bowl with suckers, and paper confetti we made with the Cricut. These additions really helped brighten the design and give it the "cool kid" vibe we were trying to creat!

Click here to download our activity sheets to use at your next event!

Cool Kids Activity Sheets
Download PDF • 688KB

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