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Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Earlier this year, we designed a Tea-Rex themed kid's table complete with stripes, confetti, and dinosaurs dressed in party hats and tutus. It was a little girl's dream party and it was a huge hit in our showroom! Our design was inspired by Ezra, Elizabeth's daughter, who was obsessed with all things dinosaur. And while Ezra is way more knowledgable about dinosaurs than the rest of us, we have all become a little dino obsessed as well. We decided to bring the gold dinosaurs back with our last showroom flip but this time with a different theme... and more dinosaurs!!

This time we wanted a more subdued design. That's why our olive poly tablecloth was the best choice. While it's often overlooked for events, we think it's a great neutral and perfect for this time of year. We layered leaves and greenery down the table that were leftover in our floral box. The variations of green in the leaves and the moss napkins gave this table an almost monochromatic feel. On top of the leaves we used our rustic wood cake stand in both sizes to add height to the table. They also made a great platform for the dinosaurs to climb!

For the dishes we used our fun duchess accent plates. The pattern just adds another element to the table and ties in the chairs and dinosaurs. We kept it simple with a hi-ball glass which is great for cocktails but also the perfect size for kids. Same with the flatware, we only used our small spoon and salad fork for this table.

Last but not least, the dinos! We had a lot of small gold dinosaurs from our last table but we decided we needed bigger ones as well this time. And with a coat of gold spray paint, the new dinosaurs were ready to party!!

Stop by and see this table in person today!


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Table: 8ft Children's Table, A-1 Party & Event Rental

Chairs: Children's Gold Chaivari, A-1 Party & Event Rental

Linen: 72x120 Olive Poly, A-1 Party & Event Rental

Napkins: Moss Matte Satin, A-1 Party & Event Rental

Dishware: Duchess Gold Accent Plate, A-1 Party & Event Rental

Glassware: 9oz Hi-ball, A-1 Party & Event Rental

Flatware: Capri Gold, A-1 Party & Event Rental

Cake Stands: Short and Tall Rustic Wood, A-1 Party & Event Rental

Dinosaurs: purchased from Amazon

Assorted Greenery: purchased from Hobby Lobby

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