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Updated: Jul 13, 2020

We said goodbye to the dinosaurs for a little bit and redesigned our kid's table into a whimsical woodland scene. Complete with mossy rocks, little gnomes, sweet creatures and lots of toadstools! This seriously cute theme and table would be perfect for any child's party.

On the table, we used a bright turquoise poly linen and made a runner out of brown paper. Paper is always a great addition to a kid's table because it's not only disposable but it can serve as a canvas for the kids to draw on too! We opted to write on it ourselves and added the children's names above each plate. The runner fit in well with this theme because it is similar to the color of dirt and it provided a good, clean base for our centerpieces.

For the settings, we used our favorite Duchess gold accent plates, Capri gold flatware, hi ball glasses, and red and white check napkins. The napkins gave the table a fun picnic-feel that tied in with the toadstools. Paper straws were added to the glasses for the final touch!

Moss and rocks were scattered down the paper runner to create an enchanting woodland landscape. For the decor, we could not find exactly what we were looking for at any store so Brett decided to make them by hand instead! We bought some Model Magic and she created a fox, hedgehog, a few gnomes, toadstools, and a picnic basket. One of the gnomes is even holding a little

flower... it's so cute! Model Magic is great because it's light, dries fairly quickly and is easily moldable but those can also be some of the downfalls to it. While these miniatures were a bit tedious, Brett had a lot of fun making them!

The kids' tables really allow us to really use our imaginations and be a bit more creative than we would be for a typical table and this table was no exception! Stop by the showroom to see this table in person!!

Click the links to shop this look below!

Table: 8ft Children's Table, A-1 Party & Event Rental

Chairs: Children's Gold Chaivari, A-1 Party & Event Rental

Linen: 72x120 Turquoise Poly, A-1 Party & Event Rental

Napkins: Red Check, A-1 Party & Event Rental

Dishware: Duchess Gold Accent Plate, A-1 Party & Event Rental

Glassware: 9oz Hi-ball, A-1 Party & Event Rental

Flatware: Capri Gold, A-1 Party & Event Rental

Toadstools, Gnomes and other creatures: made with Model Magic by A-1 Party & Event Rental

Paper Runner: butcher paper purchased on Amazon

Moss and Moss rocks: purchased on Amazon

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