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3 2 1... blast off! We took a trip to outer space to create this fun, new design for our kid's table! Complete with the planets, stars and moons... this table would be perfect for any space-themed party!

To make the solar system, we used our handy Cricut cutter to cut the planets out of poster board. Brett made the flat planets come to life with a little bit of paint. Every picture we found online represented each planet a little different so we did our best to make them as realistic as possible. The little moons were the most fun to paint with all of their craters and imperfections. Fun fact: did you know that Jupiter has 63 moons? So not only was this table fun to make but a learning experience as well since we may have forgotten what we had learned back in elementary school. Like Pluto is no longer a planet but a dwarf planet.

To add height to the table, we used our card holder stands to elevate each planet up and then strung fishing line between them to make the stars and moons appear as if they are floating. Above the table in the showroom, we have also used fishing line to hang the sun down from the rafters.

For the tablecloth, we wanted something that looked a little bit more like space and not just a flat linen. While a black poly linen would have made the planets really pop; we opted for silver iridescent crush because of it's depth and shine. To keep the table from looking to elegant or "adult", we used the reverse side of our light blue matte satin napkins. The blue, almost white shade was exactly what we wanted but we didn't want the satin side out because there was so much shine on the table already. From the stars to the flatware to the tablecloth. For the plates we chose our marble accent plates as they reminded us of little moons. Those 2 items really helped bring the whole design together.

We are over the moon about this new kid's table design! We hope you stop by to see it in person soon!

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