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Updated: Aug 30, 2019

We are excited to be featuring our kids table again on the blog. For this design we were inspired by one of the littlest members of the A-1 family. Elizabeth’s daughter Ezra. She is currently obsessed with all thing’s dinosaur. Dinosaur shows, dinosaur toys, books, clothes, stickers, anything to do with dinosaurs. While scrolling through Pinterest one night, Elizabeth stumbled upon the cutest spin off for a tea party. The Tea-Rex Party! The most epic party idea for Ezra, a girly-girl who also loves dinosaurs. Elizabeth has immediately started to plan to have this party for Ezra, while here at A-1, we immediately stole the idea for the kids table. This genius play on words is already a huge hit and probably our favorite kids table design.

To make this table come to life we had to get crafty. First, we got on Amazon and ordered some plastic dinosaurs. Thank God for Prime! Once those arrived it was time to bust out the spray paint. To give them the aesthetic we wanted we decided to spray them all gold. Then with some old scrapbook paper we had lying around, we made little party hats, then glued little craft pom poms to the top. Last, but not least, we took some tulle and thread and fashioned little tutus for the Dino’s. They are pretty adorable.

The colors on the paper hats helped direct our color scheme. Which incidentally, we ended up really loving. For the tablecloth we chose one of our custom printed options. French Blue Morgan Stripe printed on Panama. It is timeless and could be used so many ways. We also chose a Raspberry Polyester runner and Light Pink polyester napkins. The 3 of these paired together really ties everything together and we love all the layers. This is a girly-girl party after all, so we needed a touch of glam. We chose our Duchess plate that has a gold rim paired with our Capri Gold flatware. For glassware we picked our festive Jupiter glass. A tea party would not be complete without a teacup. We used our Regina coffee cup that easily doubles as a teacup.

To make our tables look complete we needed a few more finishing touches that aren’t our rentals. And what's a party without a sweet treat?! Brett thought the perfect centerpiece would be a semi naked funfetti cake with a touch of sprinkles. It looks super cute and it tasted delicious after we were done shooting it. If this was a real party there would need to be a menu as well. Brett designed an adorable menu featuring witty menu items and a tea-drinking T-Rex that she drew herself. (If you hadn’t noticed, Brett is pretty talented). And with tissue paper confetti scattered all over the table, this is a kid's table you just have to see in person!

Click the links to shop this dino-mite look!

Table: Children's 8ft Table, A-1 Party and Event Rental

Chair: Children's Gold Chiavari Chair, A-1 Party and Event Rental

Plate: Duchess Gold Salad Plate, A-1 Party and Event Rental

Flatware: Capri Gold, A-1 Party and Event Rental

Glassware: 13 oz Jupiter and Regina Coffee Cup, A-1 Party and Event Rental

Linen: 72x120 - French Blue Morgan Stripe on Panama, A-1 Party and Event Rental

Runner: Raspberry Polyester, A-1 Party and Event Rental

Napkin: Light Pink Polyester, A-1 Party and Event Rental

Dinosaurs: Amazon

Menus and Party Hats: designed by A-1 Party & Event Rental

Paper Straws: Target

Confetti: Michaels

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