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Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Green is one of the trending colors for 2020. It's popping up in home decor, fashion and weddings! Especially shades like emerald, forest, hunter and eden. For this trend, think bold, monochromatic and layered color. This trend is more than just matching your bridesmaid's dresses to your napkin color (while we're fans of that too)

Take a minute and imagine green tablecloths with green napkins tucked under the plates. Green candles or lush arrangements with lots of greenery for the centerpieces. The bridesmaid and groomsman attire in various materials and shades of green.

Adding all of this color can be an easy and fun way to make your wedding stand out. As far as rentals, the best way to incorporate green into your wedding is through your linens. We have 12 shades of green in our standard polyester alone. not to mention the 30+ other fabrics to choose from. For this post, we took a trip into the linen room and pulled out some of our favorites.

We love when couples come in and actually want our help picking out their rentals. Tell us about your vision and budget and then let us show you the best options. That's why we built the A-1 Design Studio... to give our customers the best service and experience possible. So let's say for instance there is a couple in our Design Studio planning their wedding for October of this year. We'll call them Katie and Asher. They are a super sweet, laid back couple who want to incorporate green into their wedding. Katie has a love for vintage furniture and plants. Asher likes to spend his free time hiking and loves the Green Bay Packers. They have been playing with different linens, centerpieces and dishes to create their dream tablescape. We have helped narrow it down to 3 options:

If you were Kate and Asher, which would you choose?

Look 1 features: a hunter velvet linen, moss matte satin napkins, black plastic charger, Duchess plates, Capri gold flatware, Bordeaux and Jupiter glasses, black chaivari chairs, votives and eucalyptus runner.

Look 2 features: an ivory krinkle linen, moss iridescent crush runner and napkins, gold glass charger, Duchess dinner plate, soup bowl, quantum flatware, water and tea goblets, Elizabeth chairs, table number and floral arrangement.

Look 3 features: a hunter bengaline linen, hunter majestic napkins, rose gold wire charger, platinum dinner plate, marble accent plates, Capri copper flatware, Bordeaux and hi ball glasses, clover chairs, succulents and Melrose black lantern.

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