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Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Last week alone we sent out nearly 300 tablecloths and drapes to our customers, and that's not even including napkins. Our linens are possibly some of our most rented items next to tables and chairs but it's hard to get an exact number because there are just so many options. So Liz sat down and did a little math this week about our linen options:

They come in 12 different sizes and are virtually able to cover almost every size table. There are 34 fabrics to choose from with each fabric offering color options ranging from 2-72 colors. And when you do the math, this gives you 8,876 variations to choose from. How crazy is that?!

Not to mention we have the capacity to get you a custom print on your tablecloth making your linen options ENDLESS. We can design a print just for you or you can choose from the over 300 options we have available. Just the thought of calculating all of those options make our heads spin.

We know the options can be overwhelming. And when it comes down to it, know your table size, color scheme and budget. Once you share that with us, we can help sort through the options. You can see all of your options on our linen site.

Need help knowing what size tablecloth you need? Here's a handy chart to help!