• The Ladies of A-1


We have been adding lots of items to our inventory, including new arches and backdrops! These arches would make the perfect addition to your wedding ceremony. They can fit any style or theme. And can be as simple or decorated as you'd like. Our rental only includes the the arch but it's easy to add flowers or fabric to them to soften the look!

These stained wood arches are light-weight and easy to transport. They fit together almost like a puzzle (with screws) and can be broken down so that they fit in any vehicle! The same goes for our copper arch!

**The arches will vary from these images a bit. One, they do not come decorated. Two, our stain colors are a little different. With our store being closed, we haven't had a chance to take our own pictures of all of them, but we hope to have new images out on social media as soon as possible!

We can't wait to see these beautiful arches head out to your events!