• The Ladies of A-1


We recently added a new member to our staff and decided it was time to introduce you to the team so you could get to know us a little bit better. The blog is run by the 2 ladies of A-1, but there are also 5 hardworking men on the A-1 party staff. We consider each other family, and genuinely like working and spending time together. Maybe that sounds a little cheesy but hey, it's the truth.

You can find more about each of us on our social media platforms. Check out our Instagram for styled and candid pictures of what our day-to-day looks like. Staff features can be found on the "Day in the Life" story highlight. Or celebrate work and marriage anniversaries with us (we're the "party" store for a reason) on Facebook.

John is our newest addition and a member of the delivery crew. As a tradition, we asked him 13 questions for everyone to get to know him better and here they are:

Make sure to say "hi" to John next time you see him around the shop or on a delivery. We are so excited to have him join our team!

We recently put together a box of all of our "favorite things" to share with a few friends. As you can see from the list, we are apparently very passionate about food and sports. Each item in the box tells a lot about the person who picked it.

Back to food... by 9am, someone has already started asking "what's for lunch?" and that continues until noon when we have finally narrowed it down. We are very passionate about food.

Our slow season is from late November to March and this break allows us to take inventory, clean and paint items and essentially recover from the busy months. One of the perks of our slow season is the ability to spend more time together. Meaning we can sit and enjoy lunch together unlike during our busy season when we're running around like crazy. We set up a table and chairs out in the warehouse and chow down on our favorites. Some of us are a little pickier than other, but we have a list of places and orders that everyone here loves!

We hope you enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about us!