• The Ladies of A-1


At A-1, our expertise is your rentals and the logistics of those rentals. Yet, we do have a lot of insight when it comes to weddings and everything involved in your special day. We are part of wedding celebrations every week and we pick up a lot of tips here and there. Including wedding etiquette.

It may seem old fashion but sending out thank you notes after your wedding day never becomes “old fashioned”. It is a necessary task that is much appreciated by the recipient. The task may seem overwhelming and you may not know where to start. Today we hope to help you with some tips to make this task easier.

Writing a traditional thank you will never go out of style. It shows you took the extra time and effort to show your appreciation. After all, they took the time and effort to spend time with you on your special day. When they receive your note in the mail it will be a stark contrast to the messages they receive daily through modern technology. Do not be tempted to take the easy way out and send an email, text, or DM through social media.

While we are talking about technology, it’s also important to mention that your notes should be handwritten. Although typing a letter may seem to be faster and tidier, it takes away that personal element. Use a dark ink. Take your time and write nice and neat. Use stationary or notecards. Even better if your stationary and note cards are personalized.

Try to send your notes as quickly as possible. Within a week would be ideal. But remember late is always better than never. If you feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of notes you need to send, set a daily or weekly goal and work hard to meet that goal.

It is not proper to mention the amount of money someone gave you or even that they gave you money at all in your note. When this is the case it is polite to thank them for their generosity and move on the other elements of the thank you note.

Who should receive a thank you? Obviously, everyone who got you a gift, even if they were not in attendance at your wedding. Do not forget to include your planner and other vendors who went above and beyond to make your special day possible. Or anyone else who added something to your special day. For example, your Aunt who made a last-minute coffee run for the wedding party. Or your friend who thought to get your Grandma a chair when family pictures were taking longer than they should.