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We love marble here at A-1. This trendy style is versatile, and can be used as a statement piece like in this shoot, or can be a central theme in an event. We see marble in fashion, graphic design, interior design and architecture and we wanted to incorporate marble into a table of our own! This sleek and modern look created a clean and earthy feel for this specific table.

We started with a white polyester linen and a silver krinkle napkin. The texture and shine of this napkin paired well with the silver wire charger, regina dinner plate and the marble accent plate. We love the quantum silverware in this setting. The contemporary look of the quantum next to the marble is stunning! Christy of Ink Cafe made the escort stones that top each salad plate. We used the beer pint and highball glass for drinkware. The clear chiavari chairs made an excellent finishing touch to this table. We kept it simple for the centerpiece and made a small arrangement using leather leaf, which we placed on the plate as well.

The marble accent plate isn't the only marble item we rent! We also have a two-tier marble tray and marble linens. So while we opted for a understated look for our table, there are many other ways to incorporate this trend into your next event!

Click the links to shop these items below!

Chair: Clear Chiavari, A-1 Party and Event Rental

Charger: Rose Gold Wire, A-1 Party and Event Rental

Dinnerware: Regina Dinner and Marble Accent, A-1 Party and Event Rental

Flatware: Quantum, A-1 Party and Event Rental

Glassware: Beer Pint and Hi Ball, A-1 Party and Event Rental

R108 Linen: White Polyester, A-1 Party and Event Rental

Napkin: Silver Krinkle, A-1 Party and Event Rental

Place Cards: The Ink Cafe

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