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Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Located in Blackwater, MO has got to be one of the most unexpected, completely beautiful, and stunning event locations in Mid-Missouri... Wildlciff. We have had the joy of working there multiple times and we want to tell everyone in the area about it. So here we go...

As you are in route to Wildcliff on a gravel road in Blackwater, you might wonder if you are headed the right way. As soon as you pull under the large arch onto a long blacktop drive, you enter a whole other world and quickly know you are there. The drive takes you through the property and our favorite part is when your round the final curve and see the cliffs that surround the quarry filled with clear, blue water. It’s absolutely breathtaking.

Being strictly and outdoor space you might wonder “what do they have to offer me besides the natural wonders and beautiful setting?”. Well the answer is “quite a bit”. With over 300 acres, the options for backdrops and set-ups are endless. The large property has at least 3 prime locations to put a tent as large as 40x120. A tent of that size can house up 550 people. That is a lot of people! You would be hard pressed to find an indoor venue that holds that many of your friends and family.

Something that is important for a Bride and Groom on the day of their wedding is a fun and comfortable space to get ready in with their closest friends. Wildcliff has that, and just like everything else at Wildcliff, it is unique. For the bride they have converted an old stone cottage into her very own bridal suite. When you step in and see the rustic stone walls and the exposed beams it will feel like you have been transported to Europe. The stone cottage also serves a practical purpose with a restroom and hair and makeup vanities, it has everything you need to get ready. The Groom’s “Man Cave” is next level. It is literally a cave on the other side of the quarry hidden within the cliffs. You hop on a pulley propelled raft, pull yourself to the other side then climb up the ladder to your cave. Once inside you might not have any modern conveniences, but you will have comfy leather chairs, tables, and the coolest area ever to hang out before your wedding. What is not to love about those unique spaces?

Blackwater, the nearby town also has something to offer you on your big day. The main street is straight off a postcard and would be a great photo opportunity. The street is lined with little shops, gardens, a train depot, and The Iron Horse Hotel, (a spot we highly recommend). Also located downtown is Wildcliff’s recently renovated venue space called The Hollow. This beautiful space has exposed brick, ship lap and cafe lights strung throughout. It is used for receptions and parties or a back-up space if it rains!

We could go on and on about how much we love Wildcliff and the sweet couple who run it. But the best way to describe Wildcliff is to tell you to go see if for yourself. You will be shocked and amazed. But mostly, we know you will love it like we do. Hands down give them our seal of approval. We look forward to helping you with your event at Wildcliff.


Images thanks to:

Elizabeth Ladean Photography

Kelsi Kliethermes Photography