• The Ladies of A-1


This winter, we created a statement window in our showroom. It's something that Liz has been dreaming about for a long time and we figured now was finally the perfect time to go for it. We wanted to create a focal point in our store, something to wow our customers. After many brainstorming sessions, we finally decided on a design: a winter wonderland filled with trees, birds and more. Our inspiration stemmed from the unique displays found at stores like Anthropologie and Magnolia. We have always love seeing what creative things they come up with and now we have our own unique window display of our own.

To begin, we ordered window paint markers to decorate the windows. This was the first layer of the design. Brett spent hours drawing and erasing designs until we found one that we loved: a mix of cedar branches, pinecones and birds drawn in white. The design sprawls down the sides and across the tops of the windows. It's subtle but impactful.

Next, we took a trip to Hobby Lobby where we bought all of the different trees. It was important to find trees in varying heights and textures because this display is all about layers. To build the base of our window display, we set up 3 pieces of our skinny, 2x4 staging underneath the windows and covered them with piles of fake snow. From there we added the different trees, pinecones and a few books to carry out the theme. For a little extra height and to coordinate with the table, we placed our brass 5 light floor candelabras into the mix.


Now for the hanging portion of the display. We went to Goodwill and bought old books to create a paper garland. Liz broke the books down page by page and Brett hot glued them together. It was a long process but totally worth it. We love the mix of the yellowed pages, text and illustrations that can be seen from the folded pages.

We had the guys suspend ladders for us from the rafters to drape the garland from. Not only were the ladders for function but they added another fun visual element. The mix of white paint and stained wood helped tie in some of the other elements on the window and table. The garland ended up being a little heavier than expected so we wove it up and around the rungs; letting it swag and hang at different lengths. Fairy lights were then wrapped around the garland and ladders. It looks so magical when the sun starts to set: like twinkling stars.

With some of the extra book pages, Brett cut out birds that mimicked the ones drawn on the windows and hung them at various heights from the ladders with clear fishing line. There's a slight breeze coming from the vents that makes the birds sway slightly. Making them appear as if they are flying (watch the video below to see the magic).

We wanted the area in front of the window to be a part of the display as well, that included a 60" round table and 30" round sweetheart table. For the larger round we used ivory iridescent crush for the tablecloth, accented with hunter velvet napkins. We opted for a more traditional, elegant table design using our gold glass chargers, duchess dishes and gold flatware to mimic the gold candelabra centerpiece. We loved the idea of incorporating more book pages so we made placecards out of them as well. Printing names on velum paper to layer over the text and then tying them to little wreaths.

The sweetheart table is the reverse of the 60" round; using a hunter velvet as the tablecloth and ivory extreme crush as napkins. At both tables we used our Elizabeth chairs, a classic and very comfortable option that tied in the more natural accents. That includes our large rustic ball and cone chandelier that we hung above the table.

All of the elements came together to create a beautiful and one-of-a-kind design that brings all of our favorite things about winter into our showroom. Stop by to see it in person or watch the video below!


Keep an eye out for a new window display coming this spring! We can't wait to create something new!